Our Specialties

My mission is to make travel personal and extraordinary for each of my clients. I listen to their passions, hobbies, and interests, and design immersive experiences and adventures that suit their preferences and goals. Whether it is a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo expedition, I will curate the experiences that create the memories to last a lifetime.

Individuals, Couples, Families

Tailor-made private travel

Let me be your planning partner for not just the next trip, but every trip, crafting a lifetime of singular experiences that become better tailored to your style every time you travel.

Just like a financial advisor takes the long view of your budget, ensuring you have the money to do what you want now and later—we’ll take the long view of your vacations.

Your Own Bucketlist

a lifetime of travel experiences

Plan your big milestones with an expert. Dreaming of a destination wedding in an Irish castle or an English stately home? How about the perfect honeymoon exploring the vineyards of Portugal or the beaches of the Maldives? 

Let Louisa White be your partner to plan and arrange the biggest milestones in your life whether you're going big and need to charter a jet to take the whole family together, or if its just the two of you relaxing on the beach, we can do it all. 

Life's Milestones

Honeymoons, anniversaries and more

Any group that craves the type of experience that dives deep into shared passions, including: Affinity clubs (hiking clubs, gardening clubs, etc), passion-driven businesses that want to travel with their customers, non-profit organizations, multigenerational families, friend groups… and more!

Travel with your group and turn your shared interests into lifelong, life-affirming pursuits.

Affinity Groups

group travel that centers discovery

What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure today.

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